Music for Choirs

During his long career in music, David Moses has written many hundreds of songs for children and adults in different genres and styles, some serious and many less so.

But his discovery of the fantastic and exciting challenge of writing for human voices en mass is comparatively recent.

Click Here For A Sample of In the Beginning... In The Beginning Was The Word

was first performed by the professional choir of St Bride’s Fleet Street, a church built by Sir Christopher Wren in the City of London. It’s next performance was by the choir that won the Sainsbury’s Choir of the Year Award in 1998 at the Purcell Room, part of the South Bank complex. The text, as you might expect, is taken from the Gospel according to St John, chapter 1.   SATB

Sheet Music: £2.95

Click Here For A Sample of Song of Songs Song of Songs

which was written for the same choir, consists of six pieces whose text is taken from the Song of Solomon. While the pieces are not actually ‘jazzy’, David’s life long love of African American music makes itself apparent in this composition.   SATB

Sheet Music: £3.50

Click Here For A Sample of There's a Unicorn... There’s a Unicorn in the Garden

is a light-hearted tribute to the great James Thurber. Having attended many choral concerts, David has become aware that there is a need for short, engaging and not entirely serious pieces which can be used as encores or in the bar at choir festivals.    SATB

Sheet Music: £2.95

Click Here For A Sample of A Nightingale Sang... A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square

David’s arrangement starts off in all good faith as a rhapsodic rendition of Maschwitz & Sherwin’s timeless ballad. However, it’s not long before his mischievous sense of humour rears its ugly head.    SATB

Sheet Music: £2.95

Click Here For A Sample of Can Do Can Do

by complete contrast, was written at the request of a secondary teacher wanting something “poppy or jazzy, but challenging” for her 11 and 12 year olds to perform at their end of year concert.

The piece is largely unison but splits into 2 parts from time to time.

Sheet Music - £1.50

Would you like music written especially for your choir?

David Moses has almost always written with specific performers in mind, and relishes the challenge of making marvellous and accessible music using simple material. He has achieved this most successfully in the two recorder teaching series he has written, RECORDERBOPPERS and RECORDER MAGIC.  He would welcome the chance to put these skills into practice with music for choirs. If you have any specific projects that you would like to discuss with David Moses, e-mail him at