Solo / Ensemble Recorder Music

Like many amateur recorder enthusiasts, David is self taught. Since the mid 1960s when he started playing, attitudes to recorder teaching and playing technique as well as the range and scope of available repertoire have changed radically. His return to regular playing, exposure to modern teaching methods and performance standards have lead him to realise the extent to which his own playing lacks a solid technical foundation.

It’s back to square one. There is no substitute for practice. But just as his RecorderBoppers pieces have encouraged and inspired many young players over the years, David sees no reason why studies and exercises for adults shouldn’t be just as stimulating and entertaining.

Studies in Syncopation

A series of 2 and 4 bar exercises to familiarise players with rhythmic patterns commonly found in blues, jazz, Latin American and rock music. Up to 11 part. sopranino, descant 1 & 2, treble 1 & 2, tenor 1 & 2, bass 1 & 2, great bass, contra bass.

score: £6.50