Solo/Ensemble Recorder Music

Throughout his musical career, David Moses has written songs, instrumental compositions and arrangements for the various jazz, folk, rock and popular music projects with which he has been involved. His enthusiasm for solo and ensemble recorder playing have provided opportunities for compositions which reflect the wider historical and geographical aspects of his passion for music.

His renewed membership of the London Recorder Orchestra, (he was a member during its first incarnation in the 1970s), has provided David with first hand experience and insights about the exciting possibilities and some of the limitations associated with large recorder ensembles. An increasing number of his pieces have been played by the National Youth Recorder Orchestra as well as other recorder orchestras in the United Kingdom and further afield. He has also been asked to write music for a one to a part chamber orchestra employing almost the entire range of recorders from sopranino to sub contra bass.

Regular attendance, both as player and conductor, at S.R.P. massed playing sessions as well as much smaller consort gatherings, means that recorders are playing an ever increasing part in David’s busy musical life. Many of the more recent pieces reflect an understanding of the need for music which is interesting, imaginative and enjoyable without being too technically challenging.